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Is Your ABM Falling Flat?

Let Us Make it Sizzle.

Do You Need to Increase Conversions Despite Adversity?

COVID-19 continues to impact business, from supply chain disruptions in some verticals to buyer journey delays in others.
Clients are working remote. Many events are still virtual. Entertaining is challenging, to say the least.
Traditional methods of engagement are off the table, but you and your team still need to deliver results.

You need a different approach to get different results

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
Imagine how your clients and prospects would react to a disruptive approach. Engagement in a new way, while respecting your brand essence and standards.
Whether you’re focused on new customer acquisition or installed base, it requires a fresh take to wake up your prospects to generate results.

Innovation that stays on track

We use innovation to get out of the box without going off the rails.
We’re masters at retelling your story in a fresh, relatable way that resonates with existing clients and new prospects.
We compel them to take action at whatever step of the customer journey isn’t currently converting.
Let us show you what we can do for you.

“…I would tell them what I wanted to accomplish and then like magic the campaign was ready and even more amazing that I expected.”

Brandi Starr, Sr. Marketing Manager, Sage Software

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Sage Buyer Journey DM

It’s a long buyer journey for Sage X3 prospects. Sales needed to add some pizazz to their on-demand ABM direct mail. XPROMOS delivered multiple creative prospect triggers that sales now uses to deliver key sales messages throughout the nurture process.

AbacusNext Advocacy

To drive customer advocacy via 3rd party review sites, XPROMOS used their client knowledge to engage directly with the installed base. We encouraged satisfied customers to post reviews, and followed up with non-responders to drive engagement, which boosted overall scores.
As important, XPROMOS sent management weekly reports of incremental sales opportunities (additional licenses, upsells), and at-risk customers who needed immediate attention.

Elixir Digital Transformation Story

What started out as a repurposed assets project end up as a successful digital transformation story that resonated with Elixir’s prospect base in the Customer Communications Management space.
XPROMOS used relatable analogies and targeted persona messaging to create assets for Elixir to leverage, from infographics and sales decks to display ads and social posts

HotDocs HUG Event DM

To motivate customer registration for a Virtual HotDocs User Group event (after in-person was cancelled), XPROMOS leveraged the existing event acronym (HUG) to deliver “virtual hugs” via direct mail.
Attending customers were surprised and delighted with branded swag before and after the event.

Sage Bundled Vendor Campaign

To drive demos of 3rd party vendor partners, XPROMOS bundled multiple solutions by customer pain point to create four unique campaign tracks. Each blended fictional character narratives with existing product assets in nurture email campaigns unlike any other Sage marketing automation deployment.
Engaged customers receive thematic direct mail packages with swag and incentives to encourage demos.

Spavia Personas & Pillars

XPROMOS collaborated with Spavia to create ideal customer personas, and then connected those personas to the company’s points-of-difference to identify four major pillars of communication.
XPROMOS exceeded expectations every quarter with Spavia. First, we created a voting campaign that achieved a stretch goal of being named best spa in the area. Next we drove new memberships post-pandemic. Then we drove upsells with a GWP that sold out halfway through the campaign.

How Does “Sizzle” Help Bring Home the Bacon?

You’ve got the assets: whitepapers, webinars, cheat sheets. And the target personas. But you lack the bandwidth to customize messaging across multiple ABM categories, and your automated approach is still scattershot. XPROMOS fills the gap with sizzling messaging and delivery methods that gets engagement. Doing so:

Expedites the MQL to SQL process by more quickly identifying who’s in and who’s out.

Drives engagement by bringing clarity to core ABM audiences by repurposing existing assets and messaging.

Gives sales plug and play assets to improve conversions.

Helps you exceed your KPI’s.

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Be prepared to discuss your current situation, biggest challenge, and 90-day goal.

If we’re a good fit, we will set a follow-up meeting to present our recommended approach, timing, deliverables, and budget.

It’s that easy.

XPROMOS is an independent marketing agency with a 33-year legacy of driving revenue for Fortune 500 companies and everyday name brands. Billion-dollar brands trust us to accelerate their customer journeys with fresh thinking and agile marketing.

Reach out to Co-Founders Yvette Brown and Shari Nomady today to discuss your current challenge.

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