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ABM Training Course

Who needs ABM?

ABM, or Account-based marketing, is an intimidating concept for many marketers, especially SMB’s. You may consider ABM a pricey concept reserved only for enterprise-level marketers willing to commit big chucks of budget to lavishly spending on their very best prospects. 

When you deconstruct ABM, you realize that it’s really a strategic mash-up of many marketing tactics, honed by research and enhanced with technology. It’s a smart way to approach B2B marketing, as is evidenced by the results.

Don’t you need a big tech budget?

In short, no. The need to commit to a big martech budget for ABM automation is unnecessary to start, but absolutely a nicety for seamless execution and a necessity when scaling. However, SMB’s can absolutely develop an ABM program without committing to a hefty monthly fee.

Executing your own ABM program without automation may less efficient, but it gives you the chance to dig in to identify what’s really working, and what’s not. You can hone your approach, and when you’re confident in the results, invest in automation to accelerate the process.

Why an ABM training course?

Creating an ABM training course helps level the playing field. SMB’s can now compete with enterprise organizations to connect with best prospects in a meaningful way– no more scattershot approach.

A client inspired us to develop this ABM training course; they thought it would help their clients better leverage their product, and ultimately buy more. With that nudge, we developed a six-week working course, that we teach live to your team. Each week we cover a step in the process, and your team has a deadline of one week to finish each step. By the end of the six weeks, your team has sketched out a 42-day ABM program for the three levels of ABM prospects: 1 to 1, 1 to few, and 1 to many.

Where do you start?

Download this ABM Course Overview, if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you build your own program. Our ABM training courses are live, so once you commit, we will set the six one-hour sessions and start.

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